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Dental Emergencies in Whitby, ON

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Whitby Dental Studio provides emergency dentistry services in Whitby, ON. To receive more information or to schedule a prompt appointment, please call our office at 905-666-2750.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

We provide emergency care when you need dental attention but cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. Some situations that could be considered dental emergencies include cracked or broken teeth, severe toothache, and knocked-out teeth.

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Why Choose Whitby Dental Studio?

We provide comprehensive care in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. We believe that careful attention to preventive care can save you the expense of more complex dental issues in the future. We provide preventive care to family members of all ages.

Common Dental Emergencies

Oral Injury

You may need dental attention if you experience an accident or blow to the face. If you do not have life-threatening injuries or severe bleeding, call us for immediate help.

Severe Toothache

Call us immediately if your tooth hurts so much that you cannot sleep, eat, or relax. You may need a root canal, extraction, or new filling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you accidentally knock your tooth out of the socket, we may be able to save it. First, find the tooth and pick it up by the crown only. Rinse it gently with water. If you can fit it back in the socket until you visit the dentist, this would be ideal, but if not, carry it in a cup of milk or saliva.

If we can see you within half an hour, this is ideal for replanting your tooth, but we can help even if it has been longer than an hour.

Loose Tooth

If you have a loose permanent tooth, this is a dental emergency. We may be able to splint it to its neighbors to encourage it to replant.

Mouth or Jaw Swelling

You may have an oral injury or infection. See us as soon as possible. If you have symptoms of a systemic infection, like fever and chills, consider seeking emergency medical attention before seeing a dentist.

Lost Restoration

If your crown falls out, locate it and bring it to the office. In many cases, we can put it back in without complications. A lost crown is only a dental emergency if you are feeling discomfort; it can often wait until the next business day.

What to Do If You Can't Reach the Office

Try Over-The-Counter Medication

Over-the-counter analgesics may help with toothaches.

Apply Cool or Warm Compresses

While you wait to see the dentist, cold or warm packs can help to soothe pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Apply Gauze

Use clean gauze to cover the area and apply pressure if you have dental bleeding. A wet tea bag can also come in handy.

Salt Water Rinse

A warm salt water rinse can help relieve tooth and gum discomfort.

Use Orthodontic Wax

You can find orthodontic wax at any pharmacy. This product helps by covering sharp edges like broken teeth and orthodontic appliances.

Lost Fillings

If you lost a filling and have sensitivity, try putting a bit of sugar-free chewing gum in the hole. You can also use temporary dental cement.

Seek Emergency Medical Attention if Necessary

At any time, if you are experiencing severe bleeding, broken bones, symptoms of a systemic infection, or any life-threatening situation, call 911 or go to the emergency room before consulting the dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

How can I relieve discomfort while I am waiting to see the dentist?
Cold compresses and over-the-counter medication can help with many issues. Warm salt-water rinses also provide relief.
What do I do if I break a tooth?
If your tooth structure remains mostly intact, we should be able to repair it with a crown or veneer. We may need to perform a root canal if the nerves or blood vessels are exposed. However, with a severe break, we may need to extract the tooth.
What are the chances that a dentist can save my knocked-out-tooth?
With prompt attention, many knocked-out teeth can replant. Dentists could save up to 90% of knocked-out teeth with immediate care.
What happens if my child knocks out a baby tooth?
We cannot replant a baby tooth because it would damage the adult tooth beneath. However, we can place a space maintainer to ensure your child has room for the incoming permanent tooth when the time comes.
How can I prevent dental emergencies?

While you can't avoid every emergency, sensible precautions can reduce risk. If you play sports, use a custom mouthguard. Avoid biting hard objects like ice, popcorn kernels, and bones. Do not use your teeth as tools.

Finally, make sure that you keep up with regularly scheduled dental appointments. When needed, cleanings, exams, and completing dental work reduce your chance of developing emergencies like severe toothaches.

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