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Pediatric Dentistry in Whitby, ON

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Whitby Dental Studio offers pediatric dentistry services in Whitby, ON. For more information or to schedule an appointment for your child, please call us at 905-666-2750.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry involves providing treatment for children through adolescents. Young patients receiving dental treatment at an early age are less likely to develop serious issues later in life. Pediatric visits provide a strong foundation for a positive relationship with dentistry well into the future.

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

Catch Issues Early

The dentist can more easily detect and address early-stage problems when children visit regularly. Children sometimes do not have the vocabulary to tell their parents they have a problem, and occasionally serious issues go undiagnosed until it is too late to save the tooth. Regular monitoring can fix this issue.

Overcome Dental Anxiety

Children who develop a positive relationship with their dentist are less likely to feel anxious or phobic later in life. We ensure that your child's early experiences are positive.

Reinforce Home Care

The dentist and hygienist provide vital home care instruction for parents and children. Incorrect tooth brushing and flossing techniques could lead to increased levels of plaque and tartar, gum disease, and cavities.

Support Lifelong Oral Health

Children who start seeing a dentist early on are more likely to have strong and healthy teeth into adulthood.

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Why Choose Whitby Dental Studio?

We provide comprehensive care in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. We believe that careful attention to preventive care can save you the expense of more complex dental issues in the future. We provide preventive care to family members of all ages.

Procedures Offered

First Visit

Before your child's first visit, preparing them at home is a great idea. Give your child an online tour of our office. Tell your child about your positive dental experiences. Share educational materials like books, websites, and TV shows about the dentist.

We will provide a gentle but thorough oral exam during your child's first visit. We will instruct you and your child on proper home care. We will check your child for adverse habits like thumb-sucking. We will discuss making a schedule for routine dental care.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

Children need comprehensive exams every six months with annual digital X-rays like adult patients. Comprehensive exams check for developmental issues while detecting signs of other problems.

Professional Cleaning

Our hygienists provide caring, gentle teeth cleaning. We make the process fun for your child and do our best to ensure their comfort.

Dental Sealants

Children with healthy permanent molars need sealants to prevent cavities. Sealants are safe plastic resin painted onto the molars to prevent plaque and food from collecting in deep crevices.

Fluoride Treatment

We provide safe, professional fluoride treatment that hardens enamel and makes decay less likely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

How should I prepare my child for seeing the dentist?
Have them practice "open wide" to help them become accustomed to following the dentist's requests. Show them videos and books about the dentist. Role-playing about dental visits can also help young children process what will happen when they enter the office.
Why is children's dental care important when the primary teeth will just fall out?
Even though children lose primary teeth, it is vital to take care of them. It is best not to let your child live with the discomfort and embarrassment of problem teeth. Decay and gum disease can persist even when the permanent teeth come in.
How can I prevent childhood tooth decay?
One of the most important things you can do to prevent decay is never to put your child to bed with a cup or bottle of any liquid but water. "Baby bottle tooth decay" is a potentially severe condition that can cause complications in many teeth.
When can my child start using fluoride toothpaste?
Under age three, you should talk to your dentist before using fluoride toothpaste. If your child is at risk of dental decay, your dentist may want you to start using fluoride. Otherwise, most children can wait until their third birthday. Use a small pea-sized amount of children's fluoride toothpaste and brush only with adult supervision.
When do children start receiving fluoride at the dentist?
Depending on your child's risk of developing tooth decay, your child may receive fluoride varnish in early childhood. Varnish works better than gels or foams.
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